IOWA ESPN Beer Money kid raised $1mil charity now in TWEET TROUBLE!!!!

Have you heard about the guy in Iowa who held up a sign on ESPN asking for beer money, then used it to raise over $1 million for charity? Well, a newspaper looked through his Twitter history. And it turns out he posted two racist tweets in 2012 when he was 16. So Busch has now cut ties with him. He issued an apology after the paper told him about it.

This is what sucks about social never goes away. And even tho these horrid tweets are from a "different" person than Carson is now, when you see the tweets its shocking right now, even tho theyre 8 yrs old and reflect an immature kid being an A-HOLE.

Ya gotta wonder, with Social media plaguing your like your ex girlfriend for the rest of your life, can ANYONE have anything positive happen after being STUPID on social media?????? Come people, we have forgiven some pretty terrible SH*T from some pretty important people because theyre rallying against the politically correct, so can people forgive this kid who clearly isnt the same guy as an adult?

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