Feline Greeter At Keller Restaurant Becoming Famous


Meet Bdubs the Keller Cat. She is a greeter at the Keller Buffalo Wild Wings at 2017 S. Main St. I was intrigued when I received a Facebook request from this cat and had to look more into her story. Yes Bdubs has her own Facebook page! She had a human contact me because she doesn't have thumbs, so its hard for her to make phone calls. LOL

I spoke with Joanna who gave me the history of Bdubs, and this is what she had to say:

Dubs showed up at the restaurant about three years ago. She would hide under cars and bushes in the parking lot, and we would set food and water out for her, hoping she would eat/drink. She did. It took about a year, but she started walking onto the patio, allowing people to get within about five feet of her. Over the following year, we earned her trust, and she would then run out to meet us at our cars when we arrived (she memorized the four people who fed her cars), and would walk us to the door of the restaurant, allowing us to give her a few little pets. She sometimes walks me out to my car after close, and I always hold the door open for her for a minute or so hoping she'll jump in, but nope....lol. Fast forward to present, and she is the queen of the ball. She lives on the patio, has her personal kitty food and water bowls. She has made a name for herself, and has a little following. Our regulars bring her food and treats. One even built her a cat house, which we have hidden, situated in the bushes out of sight, for when it's cold outside. It has blankets. Kids come to the restaurant to specifically sit on the patio and love on her, and feed her off their plates. I love seeing their excitement, and she has decided that she loves everyone now, and allows anyone and everyone to pet her. She demands it in fact....lol. She knows no stranger now. I believe she is a feral cat that somehow happened upon our restaurant. She has a clipped ear, which tells me that she was a catch and release and was spayed. She is so proud of herself. Many guests have tried to take her home, but she refuses. I had to come to terms with the fact that she is happy on her little patio. She gets more love, attention, and food than any cat I have ever known. Over the last week, so has begun letting us give her belly rubs, and pick her up.

If you would like to donate food for Bdubs take it by the Keller Buffalo Wild Wings at 2017 S. Main St. Be sure to stop by and take a picture with this famous feline!

.Follow Bdubs on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bdubs.kellercat

Debbie Sexxton

Debbie Sexxton

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