Haunted Places In DFW To Check Out

Halloween is almost here ! Here are some top places in DFW said to be haunted! They maybe legends, tall tales or real,either way fun places to check out.


White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake has the legendary Lady Of The Lake, a young hitchhiker is said to be seen appearing around the lake asking for a ride home then disappears while in the car. Also Flag Pole Hill by the lake is said to be haunted by a rock throwing ghost.

Sons Of Hermann Hall

Located in Deep Ellum, this venue has been around for many years, patrons have said they have heard disembodied voices, slamming doors, paintings falling off the wall, the presence of a former caretaker and other odd occurrences.

Snuffer's Restaurant on Greenville Ave.

The original snuffer's is said to be haunted, according to current and past employee's. Workers have complained of ghostly activity around closing time with seeing doors open and close by themselves, cold spots a black figure who appears and more.

The Adolphus Hotel

The haunting is said to come from the ballroom that no longer exists in the hotel, they have since built hotel rooms where it once was on the 19th floor. Visitors staying in the rooms have reported the sound of big band music, glasses clinking and reports of a female ghost that haunts the kitchen.

The Lizzard Lounge in East Dallas

The Lizzard Lounge has had rumors of a man in black with cape and top hat who stands in different places around the venue. Molly Louise Shepard who was an actress back in the 80's said she was attacked by a flying hairdryer, her light bulbs on her vanity exploded and an iron she was using melted.


Old Alton Bridge also known as Goatman's Bridge is a iron truss bridge connecting Denton and Copper Canyon. It was built in 1884, it originally carried horses and automobiles over Hickory Creek. Vehicle traffic has been removed you can now walk over it. Legend has it an old goat farmer was murdered and hung from the bridge, they never found his body and is said to haunt the bridge. People will see lights at the end of the bridge and a car horn, feel cold spots, reports of people being grabbed and rocks being thrown. Many paranormal hunters have visited this location.


Miss Molly's Hotel

Located in the Stockyards in Fort Worth this small hotel is home to many spirits from the past. It was once a boarding house and bordello. Some have claimed to see a full figured apparition of a cowboy, a woman with blonde hair, a small child and also claims of the feeling someone is crawling in bed with you.

Jett Building at Sundance Square

The Jett Building has been around for many years, it was originally the ticket office of Northern Texas Traction Company which was the first rail system between Fort Worth and Dallas. It has had many businesses come and go with in a short time span due to the ghostly activity some say. People report a lady showing up in mirrors, disembodied voices and a child's ball that shows up moving around in various spots.

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