Fort Worth Bar Owner Opens Bar As A Warming Station For Those In Need

Fort Worth bar owner of The Rail Club Live, Chris Polone has opened his bar as a warming station for those in need. I spoke to Chris and he told me about the concern he had for the homeless and those in need with the winter storm coming.

Wednesday Chris and volunteers gathered to find homeless on the streets and offered a 24/7 warming station, food, water and blankets at The Rail Club Live.

The Rail Club Live and Chris Polones personal Facebook page read the following:

"The Rail Club Live will continue to stay open 24/7 as a shelter for anyone in need. Because of the awesome community and incredible volunteers we have plenty of food, water etc. If you see anyone on the streets of Fort With please call us at 817 386 4309. No one needs to go without tonight. We have plenty of room! "

Chris said The Rail Club Live will stay open as a warming station as long as the temperatures stay extremely cold 24/7.

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