Messer Joins Local H On Stage At Metallica Concert

Months ago Metallica had a contest for local bands nationwide to join them on 5 dates on their Hardwired Tour. DFW rocked the votes with Messer and Mothership being in the top along with Local H from Chicago. Local H won.

4 days before the Metallica show at AT&T Stadium  Dereak Messer got a phone call from Local H asking if he'd like to join them on stage! He would be singing one of his favorite Motorhead songs, "We are the road crew ." He absolutely said YES!

I spoke with Dereak and asked him how the experience was. " It was magical !" he said.  He said the guys in Local H were very professional, supportive and they just clicked when they practiced a few hours before they went on stage in their dressing room. I said " Wait... Singing Motorheads We are the road crew???" That's allot of words lol!! You can see the fb video below Maddox took. Dereak nailed it!!!

Local H had also reached out to Mothership but they are currently on tour in Europe.  Messer decided since Mothership couldn't make it, they'd show their support and wear a Mothership tee. 

I love this! DFW we really are all so supportive of each other in the local music scene here! 

I asked him what's in store for Messer and about their new album. 

MESSER has completed their long awaited debut album after spending 3 long years meticulously crafting this masterful work. With the guidance of their producer Chad Gendason, they have honed their skills to become a finely tuned group with a live performance that sounds and looks incredible. 

The songs on this album are mixed brilliantly by the great Ben Grosse and Paul Paveo ( The final mastering completed by the legendary Tom Baker.( The icing on the cake was left to graphic designer and artist Craig Howell ( the band is currently touring to support this self titled, album it is being shopped far and wide to ensure it reaches its maximum potential to leave its mark on music history.

If you missed us on stage with Local H at AT&T Stadium opening up for the mighty Metallica you have 3 opportunities to see us next weekend! 

Extra credit points to make all 5 shows ***Thursday June 22nd Rockin Rodeo Denton with ANCHORED, and Azuline

***Friday June 23rd Six Flags Over Texas Arlington Gotham City Stage. 

Performances at 7,8,9pm

You can also check out their website !

Congrats guys!! It was so good to see the support of the audience coming together like we do for our local bands! Much Love!!Debbie Sexxton 

Loud and Local

Loud and Local

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