Seven Ways to Get your Ass Tossed Out of A Bar

Here are your seven deadly sins of the bar. Commit one of these faux pas' and you'll find yourself out in the street.

1.  Get too drunk. You pretty much have to get sloppy drunk to get booted, but if you’re slurring your words, they’ll stop serving you.

2.  Start a fight. Even if it’s just a loud argument, they might toss you.

3.  Stiff the bartender. Don't try this one.

4.  Harass people or if you won’t stop hitting on someone.

5.  Break stuff. You can get away with dropping one glass on the floor. After that, they’ve got their eye on you.

6.  Get caught stealing something, like a glass. And if you try to steal a tip off the bar, they might just take you 'round back.

7.  Try to dance on the bar. You’ve gotta be a hot chick to get all Coyote Ugly, but even then, most bars won’t let you.

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