Messed Up Things People Would Do for $5 million

A new survey by Buzzfeed asked people if they’d do a bunch of MESSED-UP THINGS for five million dollars.

Herea re just a few of the questions…

  • Would you only listen to country music for the rest of your life for $5 million? 54% would, 46% wouldn’t.
  • Knowing that somewhere in the world, one random person would die in exchange for you getting the money . . . with you never knowing who it is? 50% would, 50% wouldn’t.
  • Star in a porn video that would be the first thing that pops up whenever someone Googles your name? 33% would, 67% wouldn’t.
  • Quit the Internet for the next 15 years? 45% would, 55% wouldn’t.
  • Have all your teeth removed? 42% would, 58% wouldn’t.
  • Do five years in a maximum security prison? 30% would, 70% wouldn’t.
  • Eat a live cockroach every day for the rest of your life? 25% would, 75% wouldn’t.
  • Live in solitude for the next 20 years? 24% would, 76% wouldn’t.
  • Eat a large poop log with a knife and fork? 14% would, 86% wouldn’t.
  • Cut off the thumb on your dominant hand? 14% would, 86% wouldn’t.
  • Never bathe again or use deodorant? 7% would, 93% wouldn’t.

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