Man Always Gets Wife Perfect Gifts... by Checking Her Pinterest Page!

Most of the time, online stalking ISN'T a romantic gesture. That includes every time YOU'VE done it. You know who you are...  But HERE'S the one time it worked!

A 29-year-old guy named Jordan from Westfield, New Jersey just tweeted his method for always buying the perfect gifts for his wife TyAnna.  He STALKS her Pinterest page under a secret profile... sees what she's into... and picks gifts based on that.

Now that he's admitted it online and it's going viral, TyAnna knows... but she told Buzzfeed, "I thought it was really sweet, but I wasn't surprised, because Jordan really goes the extra mile to make me happy." 

Stop it. You're getting me all misty.

From - This Guy Has Been Secretly Following His Wife's Pinterest Account For Years For Gift Ideas

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