Another Useless Survey: Six Weird Things We Do But Don't Talk About

A recent survey found 82% of Americans sometimes delay eating dinner until they find something good to watch on TV while they eat. 38% have smelled their dirty underwear to see if it was clean enough to wear again. and 37% have checked behind their shower curtain to make sure no one was hiding there.

Here are some others:

  • Have you ever picked a booger and eaten it? 31% said yes. And it's not just the guys, 30% of women said yes to that one...
  • Have you ever played with your pubes, like twisting or braiding them? 42% said yes
  • Have you ever not showered for several days, just to see how bad you could possibly stink? 5% of Americans said yes. With Europeans, it was 15%! Although, we could just ask Russ about this one...

From the Daily Mail - How many dirty habits are YOU guilty of? Infographics reveal people's most unusual (and grossest) behavior, from eating their boogers to smelling their worn underwear

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