49% of Americans Say Ross Shouldn't Have Slept with Another Woman

According to another useless survey, 20 years after the fact, on the show "Friends", 49% of Americans think Ross was WRONG when he slept with Chloe while he and Rachel were "on a break."

31% said that sex with someone else IS acceptable during a break, and 21% said they "didn't know." 

Men were the most torn. 39% said that it was acceptable, 39% said it wasn't, and 22% said they didn't know.

A whopping 58% of women said that it wasn't acceptable, while 23% said that it was, and 19% didn't know.

69% of Americans have watched at least a few episodes of "Friends", with only 28% saying they've never seen it. Most of the people who haven't seen it are between the ages of 18 and 24, or older than 55.

And just in case you missed it all those years ago, here's how it all went down:

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