Five Ways to Save on Gas This Memorial Day Weekend

More than 40 million Americans are expected to hit the road this weekend for Memorial Day.  If you're one of them, here are four tips on how to save on gas . . .


  1.  Use an app like Gasbuddy and Waze. They can help you find the cheapest gas prices around you.
  2. Buy gas at wholesale clubs like Costco, Sam's, and BJ's. You can save you 20 to 30 cents a gallon on average if they have fuel pumps.
  3. Maintain your car. Things like low tire pressure will reduce your gas mileage and can ruin your tires.
  4. As counterintuitive as it may sound, use air conditioning instead of driving with the windows down. It actually create LESS drag on the engine.
  5. As much as you want to fly down the freeway with the radio blaring your favorite tunes, drive the speed limit.

From AAA - Conserving Fuel

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